Screen Companies Survey 2018

Screen Industries in Scotland: Screen Companies Survey 2018

As part of the launch of Screen Scotland, Skills Development Scotland and Creative Scotland have co-commissioned research to help develop an industry relevant approach to skills and workforce development.

Skills and workforce data is available only at a UK level with limited coverage of the situation in Scotland. This constrains the development of effective skills and workforce development for the sector, potentially underestimates the scale of demand and fails to provide evidence of the need for investment from the public sector and the industry.

SDS state they have been greatly encouraged on the need for this research by key industry bodies and companies like AFTPS, BECTU, BBC Scotland, Channel Four, Film Bang, Film Hub Scotland Independent Producers Scotland, MG Alba, PACT Scotland, The Production Guild, Screen Facilities Scotland, the Screen Sector Leadership Group, STV, the TV Working Group and the UK Animation Council.

They are asking all companies to provide us with their workforce data as of first week of June 2018. This will provide them with a standard measure for the Scottish Screen Sector which subsequent surveys can build upon and enhance. This may require some checking of employment records and the survey is structured such that you can save your response and return to complete it later.

Skills Development Scotland and Creative Scotland are co-commissioning an independent research agency, EKOS, to undertake this work and would like to invite you to complete a short online questionnaire by clicking on the following link.


The survey should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence and reported in aggregate form only. We do ask that you provide contact details for a company contact should there be a need to clarify or confirm any ambiguous entries.

Any information that you provide will be used only for the purposes of this research. They provide an option to include yourself in the sample for a panel survey which will be used to track progress and change over time, and you can select to participate in this process at the end of the survey questionnaire.

If you have any questions about the survey then please contact Brian McLaren of EKOS at

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