SFS at FOCUS 2017

SFS attended FOCUS 2017 in London on 5 and 6 December. It was two days packed with screen industry production and locations professionals learning loads about the many wonderful countries in the world that can welcome and facilitate a project.

On the FILM IN SCOTLAND stand, which again was in a brilliant central position in the exhibition area, there were representatives from Creative Scotland, Film Edinburgh, and two Scottish film offices/commissions, as well as the SFS Coordinator Belinda Love – all ready to welcome visitors to the stand and showcase what Scotland has to offer.

In particular we met some brilliant guys from Sri Lanka who did a great presentation about the opportunities filming in their beautiful country. One of the guys was heading straight to Scotland after FOCUS on a wee holiday. I met producers and location managers from all over the world and enjoyed finding our more about countries such as: South Africa, Scandinavia, Poland, Sweden, and Thailand.

As well as the SFS Coordinator, members Naomi and Pat from VCodex from Aberdeen and Eileen from MediaDog in Glasgow popped in on day two.

From our affiliate member ScreenHI & XpoNorth we were given some promotional bags from this year’s XpoNorth which were sponsored by SFS (as displayed by the lovely Vic Galloway below), and a lovely bunch of promor goodies from SFS members went into these to hand out to interested parties visiting the Scotland stand. Thanks again to all SFS members who managed to set some of these aside. They went really fast and I could have done with x4 what we had. Easy.

There was a pop-up pub for socialising with fellow delegates which was made from recycled sets. Pleased to say that FOCUS started off strongly in 2015 and has continued to grow and evolve. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet production focused individuals from around the world, it’s FREE to register as a delegate, security is very well maintained, the Business Design Centre in Islington is a terrific venue and the meeting system makes it very easy to book meetings with other delegates way in advance. Highly recommend and hope to attend again next year.

Here is a digest of news from FOCUS 2017.

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