Join SFS as a Member Company in 2018

SFS have been growing since our establishment as a screen industry trade body and a member-based cooperative consortium in 2012. We love our member companies and greatly value their input and contributions to the activities of SFS.


BUT WE WANT MORE! The more contributors we have the more we can achieve and collectively show that Scotland has everything a production needs, and more!

As a group we:

  • Share industry knowledge, data, market research, insights and analytics
  • Advise on our areas of specialist skill and experience
  • Communicate with a wide collective range of contacts
  • Collaborate and pitch for new business and projects
  • Enable new connections and introductions
  • Collectively contribute to consultations
  • Increased presence at promotional opportunities
  • Celebrate our successes and achievements together

Our members range from sole traders to large companies with membership tiered fees to reflect this. All you need to be to apply for membership is:

  1. Offer a professional service or facility to the screen industry
  2. Have a base in Scotland
  3. Have previous work in: film, TV, commercial, corporate, interactive media

So visit our JOIN PAGES, download the application form, complete and return to us to join our activities in 2018.

Main image courtesy of SFS Member Freak Films.

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