EVENT: SFS at Scotland’s Screen Summit 2016

SFS members were pleased to be involved again in this year’s now renamed Scotland’s Screen Summit.

Scotland’s Screen Summit, previously known as the Scottish Film Summit and now renamed to include broadcast screen, is a one-day forum open to everyone involved and interested in the future of Scotland’s film and television sector – whether industrial or cultural – to come together to discuss and debate what that future can be. The Summit takes place on the day of the opening gala of the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) and is co-hosted by EIFF and Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), and is also in partnership with the Screen Sector Leadership Group.

Following are the list of panels that took place on the day – three SFS members were panelists on the Sustainability Panel – David Johnstone of WK Film Insurance, Eileen Byrne of Visual Impact Scotland, and Sarah Drummond of LS Productions.


Exhibition Panel: Ken Hay – Chair, Jonathan Coburn, Morvern Cunningham, Jennifer Armitage, Sambrooke Scott

Broadcasters/TV Panel: John Archer – Chair, Ewan Angus, Donald Campbell, David Smith (Matchlight)

Training Panel: Alison Goring, James McKenzie, Ashe Hussein – Chair, Paul Welsh, Kay Sheridan, Linda Fraser

Sustainability Panel: David Smith (CEOffice) – chair, David Johnstone, Eileen Byrne, Sarah Drummond

Equalities Panel: Hannah McGill – chair, Hope Dickson Leach, David Archibald, Lizzie Francke, Nosheen Khwaja, Natalie Usher, Margaret Mary Murray

Film Tourism panel: David Martin-Jones – chair, Jenni Steele, Rosie Ellison, Anna Rathband, David Taylor


You can follow Scotland’s Screen Summit on their Facebook Page here.

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