EVENT: SFS at FOCUS Location Production 2015

SFS attended the first FOCUS Location Production event in Islington in London on 14/15 December.

SFS brochures were available at Creative Scotland’s ‘Film In Scotland’ stand, there was an array of exhibitors including global production companies, global locations, and others such as BECTU and Variety.

Alongside the exhibition there were excellent presentations. SFS attended:

  • Incentives for Commercials. With various speakers.
  • Virtual Reality: The Who, The How, The Why & The What. With Happy Finish.
  • Setkeeper: The Best Digital Tool in Pre-Production. With Setkeeper.
  • The French Tax Rebate. With Film France.
  • More for Less: Production Accounting Workshop for Low Budget Productions. With MoneyPenny.


SFS met with other delegates from various countries and fields and there was excellent networking opportunities all day enhanced by a brilliant Welcome Drinks reception and a fantastic Christmas Party (with hot chicken and Xmas Dinner onna stick!) hosted by APA.

We also had the pleaseure of meeting with Jeremy Pelzer who is affilate with the Scottish International Studios project as the person who will run the studio should it proceed. An a very nice chap he is too.


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