SFS: New 2016 Member Rates Announced! Join TODAY!

SFS Announce their new re-structured Member Rates for 2016!

After some member consultation and development SFS have restructered the tiers of membership which are based on company size. The new rates better accommodate small companies from sole traders to 2 people, and the upwards tiers company headcounts are more fairer spread and increase equally by £200. Here are the new rates:

Member rates 2016

Company headcount: 1-2……£ 150 per annum

Company headcount: 3-10…..£ 350 per annum

Company headcount: 10-20…£ 550 per annum

Company headcount: 20-50…£ 750 per annum

Company headcount: 50+…….£ 950 per annum

Affiliate Member …………….……£ by negotiation



 In a changing commercial and challenging economic time, SFS is a strong unified voice with which to contribute to industry progress, inform policy, and influence development strategies. With our combined membership of UK Screen in London, SFS member interests are represented at UK level as well as across Scotland.

SFS represents member companies collectively at key meetings, events and debates and interacts with government, parliament, broadcasters, public bodies, funders, sector leaders and other relevant parties by collating and presenting our members’ views and data.



 With a variety of members comes a variety of knowledge hubs and industry experience. Some of the specialisms covered in our membership are:

– Screen offices and development agencies

– Equipment and crew supply

– Production facilities and services

– Effects, creative and graphic design

– Music and sound composition

– Onscreen talent provision

– Specialist production consultants


 SFS holds regular meetings for our facilities, services and affiliate members. The SFS Working Group meetings take place every 4-6 weeks with Full Membership meetings taking place usually every quarter. All members are welcome to attend any Working Group meetings.

In addition to the regular Working Group and Full Membership meetings, special member events are held regularly. These events include guest speakers, networking and learning opportunities and partnership events with other trade bodies, members groups and industry professionals.


 UK Screen Membership

SFS Membership automatically includes all benefits of the UK Screen Association membership within the cost of your SFS membership fee. UK Screen member benefits include networking, training and information sessions, access to business and legal advice, bursaries and discounts. SFS members also receive UK Screen news updates, company promotion on the UK Screen website and access to the online Members’ Area. UK Screen lobbies the UK Government on a regular basis on behalf of all of its members. Other UK Screen benefits are:


– Subscription to UK Screen Weekly e-Newsletter

– Financial Advice

– Legal Advice

– 3rd party discounts (insurance, trade magazines)

– Attendance at membership events in London

– Knowledge gathering through the members’ area on the UK Screen website


The O’Neill Partnership

SFS retains the services of John O’Neill of The O’Neill Partnership for its accounting/tax services. As part of this deal, each SFS member company can request a meeting with him as well as 2 phone calls per year on accounting or business issues.


As a recognised industry member organisation SFS is regularly invited to contribute and participate in industry research, development and key industry events.

Examples of our industry participation are:


– Parliamentary and governmental reports

– Sector body, academic, and private consultations

– Industry festivals, conferences, and expos


 SFS members have their own page on our website via the member directory and their news and promotions are shared by the SFS blog and social media channels. Also, to ensure details of SFS activities are transparent and accessible, members have access to the shared SFS Member Folder in Dropbox.

 Along with the aid of our partners and affiliate members, SFS members also gain exposure in our business briefings, promotional materials and exhibition stands to demonstrate the extent of the production services package that is available in Scotland. As a cooperative consortium SFS is able to pitch for new business projects as a group or as smaller sub-groups.

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