MEMBER NEWS: The Ganten campaign series with Freakworks


SFS member Freakworks have been working on a stunning series of commercials for Ganten, a leading mineral water producer in China.



In the campaign produced by Freakworks based in Edinburgh, there is a series of three stories following a princess, with the latest installment shooting recently in Edinburgh’s picturesque Dean Village; and an individual advert for Ganten Pure featuring a whole bunch of gorgeous young mineral water fanciers.

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Here are the campaign’s stories so far:

Ganten: Mesmerise

Ganten: Source

Ganten: Pure


Several Screen Facilities Scotland members have worked on this campaign led by Freakworks; including Visual Impact, Animal Agency Scotland, Barbour All Terrain Tracking; and it is an example of the excellent production services and facilities available in Scotland to an international client with a high spec brief.


SFS visited the XpoNorth Festival 2015 with a masterclass for the festival’s programme of creative industries’ sessions called ‘Behind the Scenes with Screen Facilities Scotland’ which focussed on the Ganten campaign. The panel was chaired by Caroline Gorman of Rage Music and panel contributors were Hamish Allison and Claire Deas of Freakworks, and Eileen Byrne of Visual Impact.



Freakworks have also taken the time to produce some terrific behind the scenes films to accompany the campaign:


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