EVENT: SFS at Scottish Film Summit 2015

To help the EIFF get kicked off again this year, the Scottish Film Summit drew in another brilliant bunch of industry members to debate some key topics and plot ahead with some ambitions for Scotland’s screen industry. SFS members: Tiernan Kelly (Film City Glasgow), Amanda Millen (ScreenHI), Joanna Clements (Editworks), Eileen Byrne (Visual Impact), and Hamish Allison (Freakworks) all appeared on panels. Also attending were members Claire Deas (Freakworks) and Darryl Hewat (Procam).

Here’s how the summit’s panels shaped up >>>

Morning Panels:

1. EDUCATION: What would an explicitly designated Scottish Film School look like – and what might be the alternatives?
Chair – Nick Higgins (University of the West of Scotland)
Duncan Petrie (University of York)
Emma Davie (ECA)
Robin MacPherson (Edinburgh Napier University)
Jamie Stone (NFTS graduate/director/animator)

2. INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION: How might we establish the size of the global audience for Scottish films and television output – and then work out how to grown that market?
Chair – Hannah McGill (journalist, ex-Artistic Director, EIFF)
Finlay Pretsall (Scottish Documentary Institute)
Allison Gardner (Glasgow Film Festival/Glasgow Film Theatre/CineFile)
Andy Green (Distrify)

3. TV PRODUCTION: How do we develop a creatively ambitious and proactive television industry in Scotland?
Chair – Margaret Scott (Shed Media Scotland)
Lindy Cameron (Move On Up)
Amanda Millen (ScreenHI)
Joanna Clements (Editworks Scotland)
Wendy Griffin (Line Producer)

4. SHARED RESPONSIBILITIES: Industry: How do we ensure that Scotland’s film and television sectors are collectively knowledgeable about the cutting edge of new technologies?
Chair – Brian Baglow (Scottish Games Network)
Eileen Byrne (Visual Impact)
Hamish Allison (Freakworks)
Naysun Alae-Carew (Blazing Griffin)

Afternoon Panels (1.45 pm)

1. EDUCATION: How do we ensure each schoolchild has access to appropriate and inspiring moving image education throughout all stages of their primary and secondary school careers?
Chair – Des Murphy (AMES)
Rick Instrell (AMES),
Alastair Cole (Learning through Film, University of Edinburgh),
James McKenzie (Screen Education Edinburgh),
Philip Donnelly (Scottish Film – Education Manager)

2. EXHIBITION: How do we enhance access to cinema across Scotland, regardless of audiences’ geographical location?
Chair – Robin MacPherson (Edinburgh Napier University)
Mark Jenkins (chair/programmer West Side Cinema, Orkney)
Kathy Hubbard (Shetland Arts/ Screenplay)
Deborah Parker (Cinema For All)
Ginnie Atkinson (Regional Screen Scotland)

3. PRODUCTION: How can we establish systematic collaboration (and mutual appreciation) between Scottish producers and screenwriters?
Chair – Olivia Hetreed (Writers’ Guild of Great Britain)
Paul Welsh (Independent producer)
Andy Paterson (independent producer)
Cameron Fraser (Writer/producer)
James Mavor (Writer)

4. SHARED RESPONSIBILITIES: What are the immediate actions that the public sector can take to support the long-term development of an indigenous, self-sustaining and inward-investment friendly Scottish film production sector?
Chair – Tiernan Kelly (Film City Glasgow)
Rosie Ellison (Film Edinburgh)
Harriet Lawrence (Location Manager)
John Archer (Independent producer)
Gillian Berrie (Independent producer)


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