Titan Props is a vast warehouse in Kinning Park; to the creative and curious its an eclectic mix of old and new, strange and rare objects all under one roof. We have a vast array of props – everything and anything you can think of. There is an infinity curve studio where music videos come to life. There is expansive buildspace where theatre sets take shape. In essence, it’s a place for anyone whose bread-and-butter is creativity: photographers, stylists, music festival coordinators, events organisers, artists, film and TV art departments, exhibitions…Our ethos is to provide high quality services at sensible prices.

At Titan Props you can find anything from a replica of an original 60′s Dalek which was used in the BBC’s docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time, to an immense selection of smalls including typewriters, cameras and record players.

We cater for the experienced professional, as well as those who are up-and-coming. It’s a place where anyone can use the high quality resources they crave, in an atmosphere that strikes the right balance between friendly and professional.

Come and visit us today for a browse, a chat and a cup of tea.


Kevin McCarvel

Tel 0141 427 2871


twitter account titanprops



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